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What is JSF?

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, 07-07-2012 at 05:41 PM (539 Views)
JSF is basically a new kind of standard framework that has been developed via JCP which makes it an easy task to make user interfaces, for web applications. This is usually done when reusable components which are present in a page are assembled. One might be thinking a JSF framework to be a toolbox which has ready-to-use components so that such components might be used multiple times for adding and reusing them. Therefore, JSF applications are considered to be event driven. Typically, you can embed the components into JSP page by using the tags that have been JSF technology defined. Framework could be used for handling of navigation, from 1 page to the other.

JSF is Model View Controller MVC design pattern based. Applications that are developed by using JSF frameworks are maintained easily and are well designed as compared to other applications that are developed in Servlet and JSP.

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