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Why JSF?

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, 07-07-2012 at 05:35 PM (1319 Views)
First it shall be understood that what the reasons which initiate the JSF projects are. Why JSF has been considered to be very hot today? Reasons are there to develop the new frameworks rather than other many present already like Struts, JSP and Servlets. If a complexed web application has been developed in JSP, then this shall be kept in mind that certain complexities would be related.List of few problems related with certain technologies are given as following:

  • Tedious and repetitive coding: Technologies in past required a lot of repetitive and tedious coding.

  • Working directly with HTTP requests/response:By the help of these technologies programmers are able to work directly with HTTP requests/responses and also could manipulate the date. Let us say for example, when a registeration form is submitted by a user, programmer would be writing the code so that to obtain each elementís values into variables for sake of processing further. When data is required to be retrieved from database and then form to be shown for editing purposes, in such a cse programmer would be writing codes for retrieval of code and then setting the values.

  • Non availability of IDE: One of the other major drawbacks is non presence of IDE that places a direct effect at
    programmerís development cost and productivity of the project.

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