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What is JNDI

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by , 01-02-2012 at 07:19 PM (1057 Views)
Java Naming & Directory Interface gives the generic interface to the Lightweight Directory Access protocol or other director services for example, DNS or NDS. The components of the J2EE application use JNDI interfaces to look up & to refer the user defined and system provided objects in component environment. JNDI is not defined for one specified directory or naming service. Different system kinds may be accessed which also includes the file systems. The JNDI API makes the applications look up the objects like EJBs, JMS, DataSources and MailSessions by name.


  • EJB is standard component architecture to create the distributed applications by the help of Java.
  • A naming service has always been a necessary distributed computing system which makes a client able to seek some reference to the distributed object by using a name.
  • JNDI obtains the reference to home interface of EJB for EJB systems, a factory interface to find, create and remove the EJBs.
  • Additionally, JNDI can gain the environmental entries access of EJB that customizes the behavior of EJB.

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