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by , 07-07-2012 at 05:20 PM (581 Views)
Five packages are present in JNDI APIs:

  • javax.naming: Interfaces and classes are present to access the naming services. E.g., Context interface is defined by it that is considered as an entry point into naming so that lookup could be performed.
  • Naming package is extended so that interfaces and classes could be provided to access the directory services. E.g, new classes are added for attributes and DirContext interface is provided that present directory context, and methods are defined to examine or update the attributes which are lined to directory object.
  • javax.naming.event: Support is provided for the event notification when directory services or naming is accessed. For example, a NamingEvent would be defined as a class that is used for presenting event that has been generated by the directory or naming service. Also a NamingListener interface is defined which will be listening to the NamingEvents.
  • javax.naming.ldap: Such kind of package would be supporting LDAP version 3 controls & operations which have not been covered by

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