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Naming and Directory Concepts

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by , 07-07-2012 at 05:03 PM (731 Views)
Directory and naming concepts would be explored deeply so that to give a little introduction of JNDI. It will also be discussed that how directory or naming services would be used by Java programs.

Naming services are the concepts by which an association is made b/w names and objects. Objects founds are based upon the names. Naming serviceís basic function is to map down those names which are people friendly to the objects like identifiers, addresses or objects which are required typically or are in computer programís usage. For instance:

  • Machine names are mapped by Domain Name systems to IP addresses.
  • A filename is mapped by the file systems to file handle which could be used by a program so that the file content could be accessed.

Names are associated with objects by a directory service which makes objects to have certain attributes. This makes it possible to look objects by name and also to get the attributes of object and search based at the attributes. For example: directory service of telephone company. Directory service of a computer is same as the directory service of a telephone company. Directory services of computer are however more powerful as they are present online and are used for storage of information of different kind that couls be used by programs, users or computers.

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