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Properties and Variables

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by , 04-27-2012 at 08:29 PM (1094 Views)
JMeter properties are defined in Properties are global to jmeter, and are mostly used to define some of the defaults JMeter uses. For example the property remote_hosts defines the servers that JMeter will try to run remotely. Properties can be referenced in test plans.

JMeter variables are local to each thread. The values may be the same for each thread, or they may be different.
If a variable is updated by a thread, only the thread copy of the variable is changed. For example the Regular Expression Extractor Post-Processor will set its variables according to the sample that its thread has read, and these can be used later by the same thread.

Note that the values defined by the Test Plan and the User Defined Variables configuration element are made available to the whole test plan at startup. If the same variable is defined by multiple UDV elements, then the last one takes effect. Once a thread has started, the initial set of variables is copied to each thread. Other elements such as the User Parameters Pre-Processor or Regular Expression Extractor Post-Processor may be used to redefine the same variables (or create new ones). These redefinitions only apply to the current thread.

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