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Stopping a Test

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by , 04-27-2012 at 08:25 PM (1457 Views)
There are two types of stop command available from the menu:

Stop (Control + '.') - stops the threads immediately if possible. In Versions of JMeter after 2.3.2, many samplers are now Interruptible which means that active samples can be terminated early. The stop command will check that all threads have stopped within the default timeout, which is 5000 ms = 5 seconds. [This can be changed using the JMeter property jmeterengine.threadstop.wait ] If the threads have not stopped, then a message is displayed. The Stop command can be retried, but if it fails, then it is necessary to exit JMeter to clean up.
Shutdown (Control + ',')- requests the threads to stop at the end of any current work. Will not interrupt any active samples. The modal shutdown dialog box will remain active until all threads have stopped.
Versions of JMeter after 2.3.2 allow a Stop to be initiated if Shutdown is taking too long. Close the Shutdown dialog box and select Run/Stop, or just press Control + '.'.

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