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PreparedStatements and J2EE servers

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by , 04-27-2012 at 08:09 PM (757 Views)
Things can get more complicated when we use a J2EE server. Normally, a prepared statement is associated with a single database connection. When the connection is closed, the preparedstatement is discarded. Normally, a fat client application would get a database connection and then hold it for its lifetime. It would also create all prepared statements eagerly or lazily. Eagerly means that they are all created at once when the application starts. Lazily means that they are created as they are used. An eager approach gives a delay when the application starts but once it starts then it performs optimally. A lazy approach gives a fast start but as the application runs, the prepared statements are created when they are first used by the application. This gives an uneven performance until all statements are prepared but the application eventually settles and runs as fast as the eager application. Which is best depends on whether you need a fast start or even performance.

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