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Advantages of DataSource Objects

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by , 04-27-2012 at 08:05 PM (3740 Views)
Because of its properties, a DataSource object is a better alternative than the DriverManager class for getting a connection. Programmers no longer have to hard code the driver name or JDBC URL in their applications, which makes them more portable. Also, DataSource properties make maintaining code much simpler. If there is a change, the system administrator can update data source properties and not be concerned about changing every application that makes a connection to the data source. For example, if the data source were moved to a different server, all the system administrator would have to do is set the serverName property to the new server name.

Aside from portability and ease of maintenance, using a DataSource object to get connections can offer other advantages. When the DataSource interface is implemented to work with a ConnectionPoolDataSource implementation, all of the connections produced by instances of that DataSource class will automatically be pooled connections. Similarly, when the DataSource implementation is implemented to work with an XADataSource class, all of the connections it produces will automatically be connections that can be used in a distributed transaction. The next section shows how to deploy these types of DataSource implementations.

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