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The IDS Driver

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by , 04-27-2012 at 08:02 PM (719 Views)
The IDS Driver is a type 3 driver with the IDS Server as its backend. Database queries and results are sent back and forth between the IDS Driver and the IDS Server. As it is a 100% Pure Java implementation, the driver guarantees the "Write Once, Run Anywhere" promise of Java. Indeed, it runs in all Java-enabled browsers, the Java Plug-in, and the JDK, plus all your favorite Java development tools.

IDS Server supports Oracle (native OCI or ODBC), Sybase (native CT-Lib or ODBC), Informix, MS SQL Server, MS Access, ODBC, FoxPro, dBase, DB2, Ingres, mSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Yard-SQL, and so on.

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