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JDBC Driver Manager

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by , 04-27-2012 at 07:57 PM (1766 Views)
The JDBC DriverManager class defines objects which can connect Java applications to a JDBC driver. DriverManager has traditionally been the backbone of the JDBC architecture. It is quite small and simple.

This is a very important class. Its main purpose is to provide a means of managing the different types of JDBC database driver. On running an application, it is the DriverManager's responsibility to load all the drivers found in the system property jdbc. drivers. For example, this is where the driver for the Oracle database may be defined. This is not to say that a new driver cannot be explicitly stated in a program at runtime which is not included in jdbc.drivers. When opening a connection to a database it is the DriverManager' s role to choose the most appropriate driver from the previously loaded drivers.

The JDBC API defines the Java interfaces and classes that programmers use to connect to databases and send queries. A JDBC driver implements these interfaces and classes for a particular DBMS vendor.

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