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The Process Class Loader

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by , 04-27-2012 at 06:51 PM (765 Views)
Delegation classes are loaded through their respective process class loader. The process class loader has the JBPM class loader as its parent. It adds the classes deployed with one particular process definition. To add classes to a process definition, put them in the classes directory of the process archive. Note that this is only useful when one wishes to version the classes that have been added to the process definition. If versioning is not required, make the classes available to the JBPM class loader instead.

If the resource name does not start with a slash, resources are also loaded from the process archive's classes directory. To load resources that reside outside this directory, start the path with a double forward slash (//). For example, to load data.xml, located in the process archive root, call class.getResource("//data.xml").

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