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Migrating Process Instances

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by , 04-27-2012 at 06:50 PM (981 Views)
An alternative approach to changing a process definition is to migrate each process instance to a new version. Please consider that migration is not trivial due to the long-lived nature of business processes. There is a clear distinction between definition data, execution data and logging data. Because of this distinction, a new version of the process has to be deployed first, and then process instances are migrated to the new version. Migration involves a translation if tokens or task instances point to nodes or task definitions that have been removed in the target process definition. Be aware that logging data ends up spread over two process definitions. This can present challenges when developing tools and making statistics calculations.
To migrate a process instance to a new version, execute the ChangeProcessInstanceVersionCommand as shown below.
Java Code:
new ChangeProcessInstanceVersionCommand()
  .nodeNameMappingAdd("drive to destination", "ride bike to destination")

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