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Deploying a Process Archive

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by , 04-27-2012 at 06:48 PM (888 Views)
One can deploy a process archive in any of three different ways:
via the Process Designer Tool
with an ant task
To deploying a process archive with the Process Designer Tool, follow this step. (This process is supported in the starter's kit.)

1. Right-click on the process archive folder and select the Deploy process archive option.
The starter's kit server contains the JBPM application, which has a servlet to upload process archives, called ProcessUploadServlet. This servlet is capable of uploading process archives and deploying them to the default JBPM instance.

To deploy a process archive with an ant task, use this code:

XML Code:
<target name="deploy-process">
  <taskdef name="deployproc" classname="org.jbpm.ant.DeployProcessTask">
    <classpath location="jbpm-jpdl.jar" />
  <deployproc process="build/myprocess.par" />

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