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Domain Directory Structure

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by , 04-27-2012 at 06:31 PM (859 Views)
A key feature of AS 7 is the managing multiple servers from a single control point. A collection of multiple servers are referred to as a "domain". Domains can span multiple physical (or virtual) machines with all JBoss Application Server 7 instances on a given host under the control of a Host Controller process. The Host Controllers interact with the Domain Controller to control the lifecycle of the JBoss Application Server 7 instances running on that host and to assist the Domain Controller in managing them. The configuration files, deployment content and writeable areas used by domain mode processes run from a JBoss Application Server 7 installation are found in the following subdirectories under the top level "domain" directory:

configuration Configuration files for the domain and for the Host Controller and any servers running off of this installation. All configuration information for the servers managed wtihin the domain is located here and is the single place for configuration information.

content an internal working area for the Host Controller that controls this installation. This is where it internally stores deployment content. This directory is not meant to be manipulated by end users.
Note that "domain" mode does not support deploying content based on scanning a file system.

lib/ext Location for installed library jars referenced by applications using the Extension-List mechanism

log Location where the Host Controller process writes its logs. The Process Controller, a small lightweight process that actually spawns the other Host Controller process and any Application Server processes also writes a log here.

servers Writable area used by each Application Server instance that runs from this installation. Each Application Server instance will have its own subdirectory, created when the server is first started. In each server's subdirectory there will be the following subdirectories:
data -- information written by the server that needs to survive a restart of the server
log -- the server's log files
tmp -- location for temporary files written by the server

tmp location for temporary files written by the server

tmp/auth Special location used to exchange authentication tokens with local clients so they can confirm that they are local to the running AS process.

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