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JBoss7 Server Group

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by , 04-27-2012 at 06:26 PM (995 Views)
A server group is set of server instances that will be managed and configured as one. In a managed domain each application server instance is a member of a server group. (Even if the group only has a single server, the server is still a member of a group.) It is the responsibility of the Domain Controller and the Host Controllers to ensure that all servers in a server group have a consistent configuration. They should all be configured with the same profile and they should have the same deployment content deployed.

The domain can have multiple server groups. The above diagram shows two server groups, "ServerGroupA" and "ServerGroupB". Different server groups can be configured with different profiles and deployments; for example in a domain with different tiers of servers providing different services. Different server groups can also run the same profile and have the same deployments; for example to support rolling application upgrade scenarios where a complete service outage is avoided by first upgrading the application on one server group and then upgrading a second server group.

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