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Sun's JAXP and Sun's parser

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by , 04-27-2012 at 06:07 PM (686 Views)
A lot of the parser/API confusion results from how Sun packages JAXP and the parser that JAXP uses by default. In earlier versions of JAXP, Sun included the JAXP API (with those six classes I just mentioned and a few more used for transformations) and a parser, called Crimson. Crimson was part of the com.sun.xml package. In newer versions of JAXP -- included in the JDK -- Sun has repackaged the Apache Xerces parser . In both cases, though, the parser is part of the JAXP distribution, but not part of the JAXP API.

Think about it this way: JDOM ships with the Apache Xerces parser. That parser isn't part of JDOM, but is used by JDOM, so it's included to ensure that JDOM is usable out of the box. The same principle applies for JAXP, but it isn't as clearly publicized: JAXP comes with a parser so it can be used immediately. However, many people refer to the classes included in Sun's parser as part of the JAXP API itself. For example, a common question on newsgroups used to be, "How can I use the XMLDocument class that comes with JAXP? What is its purpose?" The answer is somewhat complicated.

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