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Custom annotations - default values

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by , 10-31-2011 at 06:40 PM (1566 Views)
I'll focus on setting some default values for the annotation.

Yes, you want the users to specify values for the annotations but only if their values differ some default values. Default values should be provided to make things easier.

The following example shows how one can associate default values with custom annotations.

Java Code:
package com.domain.tiger.a;

// Annotation type with default values
public @interface GroupTODO {


  Severity severity() default Severity.IMPORTANT;
  String item();
  String assignedTo();
  String dateAssigned();
The annotation named GroupTODO is declared with new variables. It doesn't have a single-member variable,

In the example given , a new feature was used which demonstrates that the annotation type defines its own enumeration. Enumerations are usually just called enums and are another new feature of Java 5. The following example uses the new enumeration as the type for the member variable.

Establishing default values for annotations is pretty easy. You just add the keyword default at the end of the member declaration, and then supply the default value. Ofcourse, the default value must be the same type that you declared for the member variable.

The followign example uses GroupTODO annotation:

Java Code:
// Taking advantage of default values
    item="Figure out the amount of interest per month",
    assignedTo="M Clark",
  public  void calculateInterest(float amount, float rate) {
    // code code goes here

The following example shows the same annotation as given in the previous example, in use. This time with a value supplied for severity:

Java Code:
// Overriding default values
    item="Need to explain how this rather unusual method works",
    assignedTo="M Clark",
  public  void reallyConfusingMethod(int codePoint) {
    // code goes here
Happy codding!

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