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Java Swing

Managing look-and-feel data

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by , 04-26-2012 at 08:42 PM (542 Views)
A static class known as UIManager.LookAndFeelInfo is defined by UIManager to store high leveled names, like Metal, and specified classname like "", for LookAndFeel.Internally these classes are used for management of the LookAndFeel objects which are known. UIManager could access this information through these given static methods:
Java Code:
   public static LookAndFeelInfo[]

   public static void
      setInstalledLookAndFeels(LookAndFeelInfo[] infos)
          throws SecurityException

   public static void
      installLookAndFeel(LookAndFeelInfo info)

   public static void 
      installLookAndFeel(String name, String className)
Programmatically, these methods find out that which implementations of the look and feel are present, that is considered to be useful while user interface is built that permits end users to choose look and feel dynamically.

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