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Java Swing

Application-data models

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by , 04-26-2012 at 08:36 PM (668 Views)
Application data models are those interfaces which represent certain data that is quantifiable and it has meaning in application’s context like a cell present in table or items that have been displayed in some list. Such data models give quite powerful paradigm of programming for the swing programs, which require clear separation b/w GUI and application logic/data. For Swing components which are truly data centric like JTable and JTree, interaction is strongly recommended with data model. Application data models have been red highlighted in table which is given at the start of this section.

With few components model categorization is present b/w application data models and GUI state models. This totally depends upon that context in which usage of model takes place. On JProgressBar or JSlider, this happens to the BoundedRangeModel. In preceding table, these model types have been highlighted purple.
Separable model API of Swing doesn’t make any distinction b/w application data models or GUI state models. But this difference has been clarified so that to provide a much better understanding for the developers of why or when one may program them, with separable models.

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