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Java String

What are Metacharacters

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by , 04-26-2012 at 07:47 PM (639 Views)
Special characters are also supported by this API which places an affect at the mode by which a pattern is matched. Regular expressions can be changed to cat. & input string to tocats. Output will be as following:
Enter regex i.e. cat.

Enter “input string” for searching i.e. cats
Text cats are found that start at index zero & end at index four.
Match succeeds even dot is absent in input string. Match succeeds as dots are metacharacters, a character that has special kind of meaning that a match interprets. Metacharacter dot is any character and this is why match succeeded in given example.
API supports the metacharacters which are: <([{\^-=$!|]})?*+.>

Two methods for enforcing metacharacter to be taken as ordinary character are as following;
• Preceding of the metacharacter, with a backslash
• Enclosing it in \Q (that begins the quote), & \E (that ends the quote).
When this technique is used, the \E and \Q might be placed anywhere in expression. The only condition is that \Q shall come first.

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