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Java String

Regular Expressions Overview

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by , 04-26-2012 at 07:42 PM (529 Views)
For strings, search pattern is defined by the regular expression. Such kind of pattern might be matching one time or several times, or not at all. Regular expression has an abbreviation “regex”.
String (literal) is a simpler example of regular expression. E.g. Hello World string will be matched with Hello World regex.

Other regular expression example is (dot) “.” That match with just one single character; and it will be matching e.g. “z”or ”a” or ”1”.


Regular expressions could be used for editing, searching or text manipulation.
Majority of the programming languages provide support to the regular expression.
Unfortunately, a little different support is being provided by every language to the regular expression.
If regular expression modifies or analyses the text, this is known as ‘Regular expression applicable to text’

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