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Java Socket

Penetrating Firewalls

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by , 04-25-2012 at 11:42 PM (746 Views)
All other traffic is blocked by most of the firewalls as compared to the HTTP protocol. Hence layering of the protocol at the HTTP top could be a great idea, for example like REST, XML-RPC and SOAP does.

For layering protocol at top of HTTP, data shall be sent back & forth b/w server and client inside the HTTP responses and requests. Keep it in mind that HTTP response & request consists of more than just HTML & text. Binary data could also be sent in there.

Thing which seems to be quite weird to layer the request ontop of protocol of HTTP is “host” header file shall be present in HTTP request. In case when one designs P2P protocol ontop of HTTP, multiple “hosts” would not be run by your peers. Hence header field in that case would be a smaller but unnecessary overhead.

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