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Java Object

Overloading on return values

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by , 04-26-2012 at 06:39 PM (717 Views)
It is commonly wondered that why method argument & class names lists? Why methods shall not be distinguished ,based at return values? E.g, two methods having similar arguments and name get distinguished quite easily from each other:

void f() {}
int f() {}

It will be working fine if unequivocally a compiler finds out the meaning, as in int x = f( ). But, a method could be called and return value can be ignored; which is referred as method calling for sideeffects, since return value is not being cared , rather other method call effects are required. Therefore, method is called in this way:


How it could be determined by Java that which f() needs to be called & how someone can see the reading code? Due to such problem one cant utilize the return value types, to differentiate the overloaded methods.

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