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Java Object

Declaring Member Variables

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by , 04-26-2012 at 06:12 PM (946 Views)
Various kinds of variables are present
  • Member variables which are present in a class are known as fields.
  • Variables in block of code or method are known as local variables.
  • Variables in method declarations—these are called parameters.

These code lines are used by the Bicycle class so that for defining its fields:
Java Code:
public int cadence;
public int gear;
public int speed;
There are 3 components of field declaration which are present in order, as following:

  1. More or zero modifiers like private or public.
  2. Field's type.
  3. Field's name.

Bicycle fields are known as speed, gear and cadence & all of them are (int) data type integer. They keyword public makes identification of such fields being public members which are being accessed by objects which have access of class.

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