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Why Use Nested Classes?

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by , 04-26-2012 at 05:57 PM (588 Views)
Many compelling reasons are present to use the nested classes. Among them:

  • Grouping of classes is done logically which are just used at 1 place.
  • Encapsulation is increased
  • Nested classes might be leading to more maintainable & readable code.

Logical classes groupings—When one class is useful towards just 1 class, it would be so logical to do its embedding in that particular class so that to keep them together. They are known as the helper classes whose nesting will be making a package much more stream lined.

Enhanced encapsulation—Let us consider 2 top level classes i.e A & B. B wants to access the members of A, which will be declared to be private otherwise. Hide class B in Class A so to declare A’s members to be private & can be accessed by B. Additionally, B can hide from outer world.

More maintainable and readable code—Nest smaller classes in top-level classes that would place the code close, to where this shall be used.

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