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Java Object

What Is a Package?

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by , 04-26-2012 at 05:34 PM (367 Views)
Package is basically the namespace which does the organization of related interfaces & classes. Conceptually, one might think regarding packages which are same to those folders which are present at your computer. HTML pages could be placed in 1 folder, images in some other folder & applications and scripts in another one. As software which has been written in Java might be composed of thousands of classes, things could be organized by placement of the related interfaces & classes into packages.

Enormous class library is provided by the Java platform, which suits to your application. This library is also called API or Application Programming interface. Packages present those tasks which are associated most commonly along with general purpose programming. For instance, a string object consists of behavior and state for the character strings; File object permits programmers to create, inspect, delete, compare & modify files present at the filesystem; Socket object permits the usage and creation of the network sockets; different GUI objects have control of the checkboxes and buttons or other things which have relevance with the graphical user interfaces. Thousands of present classes could be choosen. It allows a programmer to keep his focus at your particular application design rather than the required infrastructure.

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