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Java Mail

Java Mail Protocols

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by , 04-25-2012 at 11:07 PM (4274 Views)
Protocols are those rules which declare the format to do communication among systems. Main protocols for mailing systems are given below:
3. POP

Let's consider them one by one.

1. SMTP:

SMTP i.e. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol defines email delivery mechanism. For mail transfer, mail client makes contact to organizationís SMTP server which send message in turn to the SMTP server recipient. IMAP or POP is used for extraction of messages by the recipient. Function of SMTP is just the message delivery.

2. POP:

Post Office Protocol is present in the 3rd version which is called POP3. This protocol is used widely by the mail servers so that delivered messages are provided to user. POP3 in reality makes it sure that every user possesses their personal mailbox.

3. IMAP:

Internet Access Protocol is used for online access of messages and POP is used for offline access. When messages are accessed by POP in that case server offloads them however, server accesses them in case of Internet Message Access Protocol. Remote message repository is accessed when client application gets permission from IMAP. Servers are taxed quite heavily by IMAP, in comparison with POP.

4. MIME:

MIME or Multipart Internet Mail Extension is not for storage or delivery of messages. In fact it is regarding content type and attachment which is delivered.
When someone works along with Java Mail API then he shall not be concerned that which of them are supported as one might plug them at anytime. Protocols have now been explained so let us proceed towards next session.

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