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Java Mail API Address

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by , 04-25-2012 at 10:54 PM (1119 Views)
Address class is considered to be the abstract class hence class javax.mail.internet.InternetAddress will be used here.

Address address = new InternetAddress("");

For name text to be displayed to Email add, one or more arguments shall be used for the name

Java Code:
Address address = new InternetAddress(“”, ”name”);
After address has been created, make connection with message by 2 ways:

1: By setFrom()method: message.setFrom(address);
2: By setReplyTo()method: When want to send reply to more addresses.

Java Code:
Address address[] = ...;
Recipients could be identified when recipients are added by using addRecipient() method….

message.addRecipient(type, address);
Address types are of three types:
* Message.RecipientType.TO: primary recipient
* Message.RecipientType.CC: carbon copy
* Message.RecipientType.BCC: blind carbon copy

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