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Java Mail

Mailing protocols

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by , 04-25-2012 at 10:47 PM (987 Views)
Standard methods are presented by a protocol used at every communication channelís end so that the information could be transmitted properly.

Four protocols send/receive Emails.

(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) SMTP: Email is delivered by SMTP to the mailing server of recipient. Communication is done by the Java mail applications with the ISP SMTP servers of user or company. SMTP servers send messages to the SMTP server of the recipient.

(Post Office Protocol 3) POP3: Single mailbox is defined by this protocol for one user and also standardized ways so that mailboxes could be accessed and messages could be downloaded to their desktops. Facility is provided to user for email retrieval, when connected. Once email messages have been downloaded, internet connection might be disconnected and mails could be read.

Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP): IMAP is a server/client advanced protocol, in which email is being received as well as held by userís internet server. Both connected/disconnected operation modes are supported and also various clients are allowed to access similar mailing boxes.

Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI): Emails are sent by MAPI, within window app, and facility is also provided to take full benefit of the word processors, graphic app, and spreadsheets. Among famous Email app, MAPI server is included in Eudora.

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