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Java Database

JDBC Product Components

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by , 03-10-2012 at 08:38 AM (1370 Views)
Following four components are included in JDBC:
  • The JDBC API: From Java programming languages, access is provided to relational databases by JDBC API. Following could be performed by JDBC API.

o Retrieves the results
o Execution of SQL Statements
o Propagate alterations back to the data sources
o Interaction with various data sources, in a distributed environment.

  • JDBC Driver Manager: DriverManager class of JDBC provides connections b/w JDBC driver & the Java applications. This class is considered to be the core class as well as backbone of the JDBC architecture. The javax.sql and javax.naming packages permit the registeration of DataSource with JNDI naming services so that to allow the connection making with data sources.
  • JDBC Test Suit: It assists you to find out whether JDBC driver will make your program run or not.
  • JDBC ODBC Bridge: By using ODBC drivers, JDBC access is provided by the Java Software bridge.

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