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Java Database

JDBC Functionality

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by , 03-10-2012 at 08:33 AM (751 Views)
Various implementations are there for JDBC that are used by same application. Mechanism is provided by API:
  • Dynamically correct Java packages are loaded
  • Registration with the JDBC Driver Manager

JDBC driver manager, being a connection factory is used for creation of JDBC connections.

Following is supported by JDBC connections:
  • Creating statements
  • Update statements
  • Executing statements
  • Stored procedure is invoked by using the JDBC Connection.

Following classes are supported by JDCS to present statements.
  • Statement: Each time, statement is being sent to the server of database.
  • PreparedStatement: Statements execution is supported by caching statements. Also, by execution path pre determination on server is supported.
  • CallableStatement: Stored procedure execution is done by them.

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