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Drawing an Arc

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by , 03-06-2012 at 08:54 PM (964 Views)
A piece of ellipse is drawn by Arc2D. Following present an arc class.
  • A bounding rectangle
  • An angular extent
  • A start angle
  • A closure type

An ellipse in float & double precision are specified.
  • Arc2D.Double
  • Arc2D.Float

Arc2D class defines 3 types of arcs:
  • OPEN
  • PIE

The parameters and size of the arc are set by applying these different methods:
  • By supplied Dimension2D and Point2D.
  • Directly by coordinates.
  • By copying Arc2D that is already existing.

An arc creation is explained by this code given below.
Java Code:
// draw Arc2D.Double
g2.draw(new Arc2D.Double(x, y,
                         90, 135,

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