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Java Printing

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by , 03-04-2012 at 05:44 PM (607 Views)
Graphics rendered to print are given as following, by making use of Java 2D Printing API.
  • Swing
  • Composite graphics
  • Java 2D graphics
  • Images

Document composition features are provided by the Java 2D printing API. Operations are facilitated to be performed by it. For example, ordering in which you need pages.

Pages are rendered by the Rendering to screen and rendering to printer are same things. Printing system controls render the pages. At screen, there gets the component system painted.

When printing takes place in Java 2D Printing API, printing system has the overall control. This is what we call “callback model”. Printing system along with certain important information regarding the page that needs to be printed is provided by this application. It is also determined by the printing system that when pages are required to get imaged.

Important features to support printing are as following:
  • Job control –To initiate as well as manage the printing job which includes the setup of the dialog boxes & standard print display.
  • Pagination –Whenever the printing system makes a request, the pages are rendered.

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