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Java AWT

Java 2D Rendering

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by , 03-04-2012 at 05:35 PM (404 Views)
Uniform rendering model is provided by the Java 2Dô API, across number of devices. Rendering process is similar at the application level no matter the targeted rendering devices is printer or screen. Update/ paint method automatically gets invoked (with appropriate graphic context) if component is required to displayed
Class java.awt.Graphics2D is included in Java 2D API that provides graphic class an extension so that to give rendering feature and enhanced graphic access. Features included are:

  • Geometric primitive outline is rendered by using the paint or stroke attributes.
  • Geometric primitive is rendered by filling up of interior with specified pattern or color by the paint attributes.
  • Text string is rendered. Strings are converted to glyphs by the font attribute. They are filled with pattern or colors which are being specified by paint attributes.
  • Specified image is rendered.

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