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Java AWT

Java Graphics

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by , 03-04-2012 at 05:32 PM (461 Views)
For graphic contexts, abstract base call is the Graphic class. Graphic class permits:

• Applications to draw the components which have been realized at different devices.
• Applications to draw the screen images off.

Graphic objects encapsulate the information that has been stated required to do basic rendering. Following properties are included in the state information.

1. The Component object.
2. Translation origin to clip & render coordinates.
3. Current clip.
4. Current font.
5. Current color.
6. The current XOR alternation color.
7. Current logical pixel operation function.

Coordinates are thin infinitely which is present b/w the output device pixels. Figure outline is drawn by the operations that operate by making the infinitely thinner part traverse, by the help of pixel sized pen which gets hanged down to the anchor point’s right side. Operations filling the figure operate usually by filling up the infinitely thin path’s interior.

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