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Robot class Control functions

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by , 03-04-2012 at 11:46 AM (670 Views)
Robot class uses these control functions:

Mouse control functions

void mouseMove(int x, int y):To coordinate (x,y), mouse cursor is moved by using this function. At screen’s top corner (left), coordinated are shown.
Java Code:
void mousePress(int buttons)
void mouseRelease(int button)
Button clicks are performed by this function pair. Input arguments are as following:
java.awt.event.InputEvent.BUTTON1_MASK   // left mouse button 
java.awt.event.InputEvent.BUTTON2_MASK   // middle mouse button
java.awt.event.InputEvent.BUTTON3_MASK   // right mouse button
Control functions of keyboard.
To do keyboard controlling, functions used are as following:
Java Code:
void keyPress(int keycode)
void keyRelease(int keycode)
Functions of utility
To wait/ sleep at thread, consider these utility functions
Java Code:
void delay(int ms)
void waitForIdle()

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