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Java EE Clients

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by , 01-01-2012 at 04:13 PM (916 Views)
J2EE clients are considered to be those components, services, applications and systems that have access to the J2EE environment so that to access a service or to fulfill a request. Being dependent upon an enterprise J2EE environment’s horizon and scope, there may be simple HTTP requests or complex interactions among different J2EE servers present over the network. J2EE Client Access has following types:
  • Accessing business logic services in EJB:

  • For example, Funds transfer services of a bank, which makes the transfer of money between accounts. Such service, when gets implemented to be as an EJB, might get refused by different clients. For example, back office application of a bank, mobile banking service and a web based website, or even associates, its sister companies or subsidiary banks.
  • Accessing presentation logic services:

  • Presentation logic services are considered quite specific to client front ends. Most typical methodology used is XSLT & XML pages.
  • Accessing enterprise services:

  • For example, common gateway is present at J2EE enterprise e-mailing services.

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