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Advantages/Disadvantages of EJB

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, 01-02-2012 at 06:43 PM (9727 Views)
EJB Advantages
  • To access EJB free security is provided.
  • Declarative transactions are provided.
  • EJBs are cached & pooled. Containers manage the EJB life cycles.
  • Remote access capabilities are present & are clustered for sake of scalability.
  • OO concepts are supported for example inheritance.
  • Usage of attributes or annotation based programming is possible.
  • Free usage & access of complex resources

EJB Disadvantages
  • Complicated and large specification
  • Increased time of development
  • Complexities are added in comparison with straight Java classes
  • Potential to create a more essential, costly & complex solution
  • Continual revisions of the specifications
  • Lots of resources are used & have also lots of artifacts.
  • Requires understanding of certain intricacies. For example, granularity and rolling back a transaction, infrastructures like business delegates, value objects, session facades & strategies like dirty marker and lazy loading etc.

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