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Drools Overview

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by , 03-04-2012 at 10:46 AM (878 Views)
Drools, BRMS i.e. business rule management system consists of a forward chaining inference based rule engine. Correctly, it is called production rule system which uses enhanced Rete algorithm implementation.
For its business rule engine as well as its enterprise framework, Drools provides support to JSR-94 standard. This is done for maintenance, construction & enforcement of organizationís business policies, services or applications.

Pluggable language implementations are being allowed by the Drools. Now rules are written in Groovy, MVEL, Java and python. Declarative programming is provided by the drools and it is quite flexible to match the problem domainís semantics with the DSL i.e. domain specific languages through XML, by using a schema that has been define particularly for sake of problem domain. Domain specific languages possess XML elements as well attributes that present the problem domain.

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