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Garbage Collection Disadvantages

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by , 03-02-2012 at 05:30 PM (2894 Views)
Garbage collection has certain disadvantages which are as following:

  • Garbage collection uses computing resources so that to take a decision that which memory shall be reconstruct or free the fact to which programmer is well-aware of. When object lifetime is not manually annotated in source code, penalty is overhead. It will reduce the performance. Overheads are not bearable or tolerable, when interaction is present to memory hierarchy effects. It is not easy to predict them during routine tests.
  • Throughout the session, stalls scatter when prediction regarding garbage collection moments could not be made. Such unpredictable kinds of stalls are not being accepted in real time environments, transaction processing or interactive programs.
  • You canít have pointer but only references.
  • Non deterministic garbage collection is non compatible with nonGCed RAII based management of resource. In GC system which is non deterministic when objects are considered as a part of other objects or some resource requires manual resource management, then composed objects are converted to resource objects. Further it will need manual resource management.

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