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Core Java

Garbage Collection Overview

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by , 03-02-2012 at 05:28 PM (1095 Views)
Garbage collection is automatic memory management in computer sciences. Garbage collector attempts to reclaim garbage or occupied memory of the object that is not in use of program. In 1959, Garbage collection was invented by John McCarthy to solve the Lisp problems.

Usually garbage collection and manual memory management are considered opposite of each other. Objects are required by programmers which are returned or deallocated to the memory. Various approaches are taken into consideration by number of systems which involve different techniques for example, stack allocation or region inference.

Garbage collection doesn’t manage limited resources, other than memory that typical programs use for example file and device descriptors, database handles, network sockets and user interaction windows. Methods for management of resources may suffice for memory management which has no GC requirements. Various resources are permitted by GC systems to be lined with the memory region that makes resources to be reclaimed which is often known as finalization.

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