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Why Use Cassandra?

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by , 02-21-2012 at 09:09 PM (1799 Views)
Why Cassandra shall be chosen against any other NoSQL solution?

  • Main selling point of Cassandra is that it is being written in Java.
  • Cassandra has been present on the largest website of the world i.e. Face book.
  • Cassandra has met all the requirements to be decentralized and it doesn’t have one single failure point.
  • Read as well write throughput have been seen to increase in linear fashion, when newer machines get added without any sort of downtime or interruption.
  • It gets replicated across the data centers to make it sure that no matter if the whole data centre gets down, nothing is lost.
  • It has proven itself to be hundred per cent fault tolerance.
  • A great data model is being provided by it.
  • 100 per cent free

These points given above regarding Cassandra are quite enough to show its worth, however the list may go on.

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