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What is Cassandra?

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by , 02-21-2012 at 09:06 PM (925 Views)
The Apache Cassandra Project is involved in creating the highly scalable database that is second generation distributed. It brings the Bigtable’s ColumnFamily (based data model) & fully distributed design of Dynamo, together.

Apache Cassandra is basically an open source that is a highly available database and distributed. Architecture of Apache Cassandra incorporates the design, from Dynamo project. It makes use of data model that is Google’s Bigtable data model based.

Another framework that is related closely by Google is named as Mapreduce. Google has created this framework named as MapReduce in order to deal with larger data sets. Data sets are large which means they start with Terabytes and are as enormous as Petabytes. Apache is also involved interestingly to provide the solutions of MapReduce which are called Hadhoop.

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