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Apache Struts

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by , 02-25-2012 at 07:34 PM (632 Views)
Apache Struts are used for development of the web based application, being an open sourced framework. It is free.

Web based applications are entirely different as compared to the typical sites because the web applications make dynamic responses for request. They are dynamic in their nature and may interact with business logic engines and databases for customizations of responses.
Web applications are based at:

• Java Server Pages
• Page design code
• Database code
• Control flow code

In larger application above mentioned shall be separated, into different layers.
In a software application, layers separation is supported by the Model View Controller architecture.

• Business code is presented by the model.
• Page design code is presented by the view.
• Navigational control is presented by the controller.

Base of the Struts framework is at MVC architecture. It supports a programmer for development of the web based applications.

Three key components are provided by the framework:

• An application developer provides request handler, which is mapped to the “standard URI”.
• A "response" handler transfers controls to other resources that would be completing the responses.
• A tag library assists developers to make “interactive” form-based applications, along with server pages.

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Apache Struts