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What is Tapestry 5?

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by , 02-24-2012 at 08:44 PM (861 Views)
  • Pure Java and Polyglot: It is written in Java language. Components and pages can be coded in Scala or Java Groovy.
  • Convention over Configuration: “Endless” XML configuration files are of no more use. Meta-programming & Dependency injection via naming conventions and annotations.
  • Highly productive: Live class reloading is the time b/w an error observations and fixing it in seconds.
  • Scalable: On a single server, it Scales up big. Also, it works good in a cluster.
  • Advanced Exception Reporting: All the tools are provided by it to fix out the problem: not stack trace only but all information regarding what Tapestry does, why it does so, what was wrong, and how it could be fixed.
  • Testable: For enhancement of the TDD, it commits to the testability, throughout design.
  • Fast: Concurrent threads are supported without contentions.

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