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Apache Tapestry

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by , 02-24-2012 at 08:43 PM (949 Views)
For Java web applications, Apache Tapestry is open source & component oriented framework for implementations of the applications according to the model view controller pattern, or architectural pattern. Basic focus of the Apache Tapestry is at easy usage and productivity of the developer. Following is being offered by it.

• Focuses at the developer productivity.
• Modular approaches for the web development
• Focuses at easy usage.
• XML configurations elimination.
• Sticks to the Convention, over Configuration paradigm
• Strong binding is provided b/w Java classes & web pages.

In Tapestry, the component templates are XHTML files for the Tapestry specified elements along with extra XML namespace. Java class acts to be a model or controller and Component template as view. Various built-in components are present in Tapestry however developers are also encouraged to make their application specified components.

Component class and page are considered as an Old java objects. Naming conventions and annotations tie framework to the components which are user created.

Technique known as live class reloading is being embraced by the Tapestry. Alterations are picked up by the running application to the templates and classes immediately, with no restart. Developer’s productivity is highly enhanced by this way.

Tight integration present in Java class, template, naming conventions, use of annotations etc makes the Tapestry applications readable and concise.

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Apache Tapestry