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Apache Velocity Uses

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by , 02-24-2012 at 07:42 PM (859 Views)
Apache Velocity is used by various common application types, which are as following.
  • Web applications: HTML pages are created by the Web designers for dynamic information, with placeholders. Frameworks that support velocity or the VelocityViewServlet process the page.
  • Source code generation: Based at templates SQL, Java source code or PostScript are generated by the Velocity. Velocity is used by various commercial development software packages and open source.
  • Automatic emails: Automatic emails are generated by many applications for account signup, automatically sent reports or password reminders. Velocity can store email template in a text file instead of directly embedding, in Java code.
  • XML transformation: Ant task is provided by the Velocity, known as Anakia that reads XML file. Documentation that has been stored in a generic "xdoc" format is converted by a common application to a styled HTML document.

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