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Apache Velocity

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by , 02-24-2012 at 08:41 PM (889 Views)
Different technological combinations make an Apache Velocity. Template engine is the Apache velocity’s central component. Heavily adopted template engine is the Apache Velocity in Java industry. It is used widely by the Programmers.

Template engine’s overview would be discussed in this post.

A model is transformed to a resultant artifact by template engine, by using instructions which are referred as a template. Major components present are:

1. Model
2. Template
3. Engine

To an engine, a model is sent that would be consulting template regarding the instructions that how a resultant artifact is generated. Same notion could be found in various technologies that you shall be well aware of:

• JavaServer Pages

In a “Model-View-Controller” web application framework, JSP JavaServer Pages are used for transformation of a model to HTML document.

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Apache Velocity