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Apache POI Architecture

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by , 02-24-2012 at 08:38 PM (1619 Views)
Apache POI project consist of the following components.

  • Poor Obfuscation Implementation File System (POIFS): It is involved in writing and reading the format of the MS OLE 2 Compound document. All MS Office files are basically OLE files and this component is POI elementís basic building block. POIFS assist to read variety of files.
  • Horrible SpreadSheet Format (HSSF): Microsoft Excel (XLS) format file are read and written by it. Files could be read by it which is being written by the Excel97 and onwards. Such kind of format is called BIFF 8Format. Tricky characteristics are present in Excel file format and is quite complex one hence few advanced features are not readable.
  • XML SpreadSheet Format (XSSF): It writes and reads format files of Office Open XML (XLSX).
  • Horrible Property Set Format (HPSF): "Document Summary" information is read from MS Office files.
  • Horrible Word Processor Format (HWPF): Its aim is to write and read the format files of MS Word 97 (DOC). This component is present in developmentís initial stages.
  • Horrible Slide Layout Format (HSLF): For MS PowerPoint files, it is considered as a pure Java implementation. It enhances the ability to create, read or edit the presentations.
  • Horrible DiaGram Format (HDGF): This is an initial and a pure Java implementation, for MS Visio binary files. Ability is provided by it to read the fileís lower leveled contents.
  • Horrible PuBlisher Format (HPBF): For MS Publisher files, it is considered to be a pure Java implementation.
  • Horrible Stupid Mail Format(HSMF): For Microsoft Outlook MSG files, it is a pure Java implementation
  • Dreadful Drawing Format (DDF): It is a package to decode the format of the MS Office Drawing.

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